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Simple. Clear. Memorable.

That's how we think a website should be here at Sitnam Tech. A good website speaks louder than words.


We can create a bespoke site for you, whether it's an online store, a place to display your work, setting up a chat forum, selling digital downloads, a craft shop or a company site with appointments, our team of experts is here to make it work.


Send us an idea, or simply your company's business details, and we will take it to a live website where the world can see your talents.


We are always looking for new projects, and welcome you to send us your ideas. The team here has many years of experience and we've worked on websites and social media for cooking schools, book publishers, craft shops, translators, teachers, and much more.

Some sample projects we've worked on: 


We can also set up and manage social media accounts and SEO rankings, and run adverts in Google Adwords, Facebook and Instagram, giving you the time to solely concentrate on doing what you do best. 

Send your website request to for a quote. We work with all types of businesses, bloggers, musicians, painters, shops, and other online content. We can create websites in English, French, or Russian language.


Simple. Affordable.

We understand that budgeting is important for any business, so we offer two easy ways to help you get started:



One-time set up fee of 399€*, and a monthly maintenance cost that ranges from 39€ to 199€, depending on how intensive your needs are (for example;  frequent updates or maintaining a shop).





One-time set up fee of 499€, and no monthly maintenance cost, you simply pay us when you want something changed or added to your website, at a cost of 39€/hour. We're here 7 days a week.

Fixed price:


*(This can be spread across 4 or 8 months if required, to accommodate your budget - interest free)

Note: All prices include tax.


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