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The most important thing in this digital age, as soon as you have an online presence, is to secure it. This is our area of expertise.


We cover many aspects of IT security, from securing networks, operating systems, traffic analysing, pen testing (with a focus on social engineering attacks, one of the most common ways a business is compromised), to encrypting and securing your online activity, and most importantly: training your staff.

Our methods

Sitnam Tech is inspired by the way a praying mantis mimics it's prey to dupe it into a false sense of security, before it attacks. In other words, we believe the best form of defence is to simulate an attack from a source that appears safe. This means our experts will have a strong focus on social engineering when testing your systems, and this is what we do best.

Most people picture hackers with a hoodie and a mask sitting behind a computer exploiting systems. The reality of it, is a large number of hacks actually happen from the inside, or via social engineering techniques, used to trick your staff into revealing things they shouldn't.

The risks of the internet

If you have an online presence, whether it's as basic as using email or as complex as having an entire computer network and servers, you are at risk. It's as simple as that. The internet was built from the ground up for sharing information, so by default it is much easier to break than to protect. That's why cyber security teams like us have to work around the clock to make sure the risks are reduced to the absolute minimum. Any company that tells you they can protect you 100%, is not telling the full story. However, having no security measures at all, is essentially like leaving your house unlocked. 

How we can help

We will help you to prevent, fix, and mitigate attacks and problems you might have. We also want to make sure we find the right balance between top security and usability for you. It's easy to encrypt everything you own and use, but it can become a cumbersome process every time you or your team need to access something. That's why we focus on securing the network and communications, to make sure you can continue to work productively.

We're here to ensure your digital assets remain yours, and to prevent unauthorised access to your data. Get in touch to find out more on how we can secure your business.

we can help with:
  • securing networks
  • encryption
  • operating systems
  • training your staff
  • system testing
  • access control
  • setting up vpn/proxies
  • traffic analysis
  • firewalls
  • secure communication

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