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Our Story

Sitnam Tech was born out of the passion for growth of our founder, Joe Downie, who was tired of watching companies waste their true potential. Sitnam is Mantis backwards, and they are some of the most efficient hunters on the planet. Hunters for success. We're here to expand your definition of success.


We consult for a wide range of industries and conduct business analysis identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats from factors both internal and external to your organization.


Our purpose is simple: to make your numbers go up and your dreams come to life.

Our Team

Joe Downie

CEO / Founder

Joe Downie is not your typical business consultant. With an early career working as a Japanese chef, opening restaurants for large groups such as Hakkasan and Zuma, a cyber security certification and extensive cryptocurrency and marketing experience, he has consulted for many industries on an executive level.

Erika Downie

Social Media Manager

Erika is the social media master behind many companies media campaigns, consulting and managing strategies, planning, training, and marketing campaigns. She is also an avid craft expert, working with small businesses to increase sales and customer reach.

Our Approach

Our techniques are unconventional in how we assess your companies potential. Our founders have extensive knowledge of a wide variety of industries and a massive capacity for seeing bigger and thinking outside the box. 

Our methods may not be suited for every business owner, as we will dive into some uncomfortable topics in order to get the maximum of data we need to fully understand and grasp your goals and capacities. That said, success does not come by gliding along like everyone else. We're here to make your business stand out from the crowd and leave your competitors behind.

We place an emphasis on getting the best out of PEOPLE to achieve results. Sometimes you may think you are taking part in a psychological evaluation. You might not be wrong. But all this will guarantee that we can truly energize your company and bring the results you want.

Us in Numbers


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