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No business can get the best results in this world without an online presence. At a very minimum you need a website, and ideally a social media presence. We know from experience that trying to do it all yourself while running a business can take it's toll, and detract your time and energy from your main focus and passion. That's where hiring a team of experts can make a big impact.

Sitnam Tech is a group of passionate individuals whose mission is to create, design, and secure your digital presence.


We design websites for many different types of businesses, and operate as Cyber Security consultants for several companies.


We also maintain an IT support field, where we can assist you in all aspects of everyday computer issues, as well as bigger problems you might have.

Our team is mainly based in Europe, and we offer support in English, French, and Russian. Our job is to make your life online safer and smoother.

Send us a mail if you think we can be of assistance.

Max Doughan, Founder and CS0


what we do

Web Design

We can take care of all aspects of your website, from designing, hosting, SEO, managing payment providers, updates and maintenance. We can even manage your social media campaigns and Google Ads if required.

Cyber Security

The most important thing in this digital age, once you have an online presence, is to secure it. This is our area of expertise. We cover all aspects of IT security, from securing networks, operating systems, traffic analysing, pen testing (with a focus on social engineering attacks, one of the most common ways a business is compromised), to encrypting and securing your online activity and training your staff.

IT Support

We all know if your computer or email is not working it can ruin your day, let alone cause you to lose out on valuable business. Our support team is here to help and fix any issues you might have in your day to day. We offer remote assistance 7 days a week, and help with anything from a simple user login error, to major disasters like back-up failures or servers down. We can also provide a remote System Administrator for your business needs, if you have a large company with many employees working remotely.

We are gradually expanding and looking for new projects, and enjoy working with diverse companies and individuals. The team here has many years of experience and we've worked on websites and social media for cooking schools, book publishers, craft shops, translators, teachers, and much more.


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