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Sitnam Tech is a group of passionate security experts, pentesters and consultants, whose mission is to secure your digital presence.

what we do


We have a dedicated team of persistant, experienced pentesters ready to test your business, website, or platform, to identify any security holes or vulnerabilities.

Our ethical hackers place a strong focus on the human aspect of security, not just technological. Social engineering is the most common way systems and companies are compromised.


All pentesters have solid credentials and provide detailed, clear, and well presented reports, an aspect that is often overlooked, but critical to being able to take action after the test.

Sitnam is Mantis backwards, and our techniques are inspired by this incredible hunter, and involve mimicking a source that appears safe to fully test your defenses and Zero Trust architecture.

Zero Trust Security

"Trust, but verify" is an old proverb that is no longer relevant in the digital age. We prefer "Never trust, always verify".

Zero trust sounds agressive, but it is a security model designed for the modern world. In 2022, every platform, business, and website relies on third parties. Do you trust their security practices? Do you have full control over your data and that of your customers? Does John Doe working from home really secure his home router as he says?

True zero trust is hard to achieve, and this is where we can help. Our security consultants will assess every aspect of your business, from employees to third party providers, data hosting and more.

Contact our team to get advice with securing your business, and find out how you can ensure security and redundancy.

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