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Computer Support from Sitnam Tech

We can help with all IT related issues that you might have in your day to day, from small to large. No task is too big or small, so get in touch!

We all know if your computer or email is not working it can ruin your day, let alone cause you to lose out on valuable business. Our support team is here to help and fix any issues you might have in your day to day. We offer remote assistance 7 days a week, and help with anything from a simple user login error, to major disasters like back-up failures or servers down. We can also provide a remote System Administrator for your business needs, if you have a large company with many employees working remotely.

How It Works - For Individuals

We all know how frustrating it can be when you have computer or mobile phone issues, and often the store is closed when you need them most. That's why we're here.

If you are an individual who has an issue with your computer, software, internet, or anything IT related, get in touch and we will help you out. You only pay a 20€ fee, plus 0.4€/min for the help we provide. Payment is simple using GooglePay, Paypal, or any online platform you prefer.

No task is too small, so even if it's a very basic issue (like can't connect to the internet, or locked out of an account) we can help. We also handle much more complex issues and have an well experienced team.

To request help - simply click the button below and add your telephone number and a brief description of the issue. We will call you back within 2 hours, usually less.

We can provide support in English, French, and Russian.

How It Works - For Companies

We want to ensure that your business runs smoothly, so our goal is to make sure you stay online, uninterrupted, so you can continue making money.

As with individuals, you can can request a callback at anytime for a one-off problem, but if you are a company with many employees, or spanning several countries, you may want to consider a monthly support solution.

For a fixed fee, you can call us anytime and have a dedicated personal support adviser, who will look after your case each time you call.

Pricing varies on the scale of your business, so get in touch for a quote at

We can also provide you with a System Administrator if you have a large company with many employees working remotely, and can manage your Microsoft Azure or Active Directory, Networks and VPNs, and secure backup storage for sensitive data. 


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